The Bitter Truth

If you’re going to continue reading this then I should warn you that there is barely anything positive about what I’m about to say. Does that make me a bad fan? Maybe, but this team has had a season that in no way justifies positive attitude. I love and support this team, I’ll continue to watch every torturous period till the very bitter end but do not expect me in any way to stop criticizing them or keep pretending like they have a realistic chance at a playoff spot just because I have to blindly worship and praise them. Now that we have all this fan attitude drama out of the way, allow me to continue with what I really wanted to say. This team has been beyond embarrassingly bad this season; it’s gotten to the point where it’s disgusting to watch.

It’s no secret I’m no fan of Paul MacLean (anymore) but to entirely blame him for this catastrophic season is not right, especially when we have an owner like Eugene Melnyk (cheap psycho). There are so many things that went wrong with this team and we’ve heard every one of them from all our great bloggers and “experts”. My biggest problem with this team has been the complete disinterest and deflated attitude that they’ve put on since the very beginning of the season. You’d think that Alfie’s words in the summer would make them angrier and willing to prove him wrong but of course not. Instead, they took his words to heart and went ahead to prove him right. This is not a playoff team; they don’t look like they will be in a while if that’s the indication of the team’s effort and skill going forward. I can’t say enough about how much I loved (and deep down inside, still do) Daniel Alfredsson, he was the image of what a real sports idol is. He fulfilled the idea that hockey is more about the team, the family you build and the actual love of the game, he shattered that in more ways than I can explain. Want to blame Melnyk for the fallout? Fine, but let’s not pretend that if Alfredsson truly wanted to stay in Ottawa he would’ve sacrificed a bit of his ego to stay in the city that made him the sports hero he never imagined he would be. Maybe he didn’t “owe” Ottawa or the Sens anything, but the fans certainly deserved better from their Captain, their example.

Alfredsson isn’t coming back and if he does in another role it still won’t be the same but we as fans need to move on, sadly the team hasn’t. Was Jason Spezza ready for Captaincy? Not really, but nobody is truly ready in their first year wearing the “C” and his problem is really way beyond his leadership abilities. Just like everyone else on the team, he’s had a mediocre season whether it is below average teammates every 10 minutes or lingering injuries, it’s been unacceptable. It’s also been unacceptable that Anderson has played like barely the shadow of his former self yet he keeps getting endless chances on the expense of Lehner’s development. It’s also unacceptable that Erik Karlsson has to shoulder the entire defence responsibilities on his shoulder while really everyone else just plays “ok” if not “terribly awful” defence on most nights. Maybe the most unacceptable thing that has happened to this team has been the unexplainable ice time that Chris Neil has been getting over the likes of Bobby Ryan and Mika Zibanejad. You know what? Maybe it IS ok to fully blame Paul MacLean on the failure of this season! They say a coach can only do as good as what he’s given; well on paper MacLean has no excuse there. We may not have the most skilled line-up in the league but you can’t argue that Michalek, Spezza, Turris, Ryan, Zibanejad and MacArthur are a not too shabby set of forwards to start with; of only they were being utilized by a fully functioning coach. I think I’ve spent more time this season trying to understand the “message” that he’s trying to send than actually being angry at the result of his stupidity.

The season isn’t officially over, but realistically it’s been shattered to pieces since January. I’m one of those annoying fans who have “given up” on the team and their playoff chances and it seems the earlier one accepts it, the easier it becomes. The past weekend has been a pretty good concluding summary of a season that saw everything that could go wrong, happen. It all started with naming our arena Canadian Tire Centre and I fear that the crappy tire curse may not be leaving us anytime soon. I’m still going to watch the team, still planning to attend at least one more game and I’ll still buy more team merchandise but I will never be “proud” or “supportive” of such a pathetic season and neither should any fan or player of this team. As of now, I expect absolutely nothing out of this team but when the official NHL season ends there must be major changes and quickly or this team will slowly fall into the Flames tier of this league.

Go Sens Go!

Maple Laffs Beatdown


It’s Saturday night and nothing beats a showdown between the superior Ontario team and the other irrelevant and obnoxious Ontario team. The Sens have been doing well and after slightly securing a playoff spot, they find themselves fighting to get back in after a few unfortunate out of town results. This battle won’t end until the the Sens are either officially in or officially out so the stress of every game will not decrease in any way throughout the remainder of the season. I will say, as much as I wish the Sens were in a better spot; I’m glad they’ve found a way to get better before it was way too late. We’re in a position where we still have a chance, a bit more hard work and a stroke of luck is all that’s needed.

The Maple Leafs are a tough opponent, as obnoxious and hated as they are; they have never been an easy team to beat for the Sens. It doesn’t help that tonight’s game is in their barn and that the likes of Kadri and Kessel have been doing well lately and usually turn it up against the Sens. However, the one person I want to rise up tonight is Clarkie Clark, it just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to just brag about Clark in front of the Leafs.

Tonight is another special night for Sens fan and not just because we can crush the Leafs tonight but because also our beloved Rihanning guru @BonksMullet has initiated another SensMotb event so don’t forget to go make your pledges here. The bigger surprise is that every $40 successful donation will be entered into a draw to win a Lehner jersey! ROBIN LEHNER, LEHNER! Yes, I said LEHNER. Ok, I’ll shut up now but go make a pledge NOW!!!

I’m having an insane weekend in a sort of a good way after a terrible week so please Sens don’t ruin this for me. There is nothing I want more than a soul crushing win against the Leafs. I want them embarrassed and laughed at. I also want to get my pledges to $40 because there is no gift I want for my birthday more than a Sens jersey and if it’s a Lehner one then I’m in the moon of joy! If the jersey isn’t mine then at least I’ll have the pleasure of knowing I made all the right pledges for Sens Foundation whom I love to support as much as I can.

Go Sens Go!

Boltin Home


The Sens are back in town and they need to stay on track. I can’t say enough good things about how I feel that the Sens aren’t giving up on their fight even though the competition isn’t getting any easier. I think what was missing at the beginning of the season is starting to come together, the cohesiveness of the team and being able to finally say that they’re a team that’s fun to watch again.

There is much to say about the play of Anderson but the fact is, Maclean just wants to keep rolling with him for as long as he can. Maybe they’re trying to showcase him? Maybe they’re teaching Lehner a lesson in patience but we just have to accept Andy is in net for the majority of the games remaining. Whether that’s good for the team or not, it remains to be seen. I have a problem with his consistency more than anything but to be fair when Jared Cowen is supposed to be your “assistance”, you know you’re in lots of trouble.

The points are becoming more precious and we’re getting so close, if we don’t get a playoff spot tonight then we’ll get it tomorrow just as long as we get the two points. Teams will struggle and the tough competition can be won if the Sens continue to play like it’s their last dying chance. Jason Spezza won us he game in Columbus, I want to see more of that tonight. The Tampa Bay Lightning are becoming one tough team but these are the kinds of games the Sens need to measure up to.

Go Sens Go!


Dear Paul Maclean


Here’s the deal, we are going to play the Tampa Bay Lightning and we need the two points. Maclean decided to start Anderson over Lehner, which is fine for now. He then decided to scratch Methot and pissing him off, and on top of all that Gryba gets the ice time over Corvo who imo has played better. Then, there’s Spezza who gets lined up with Greening all the time. WHYYYY???? Also, anyone else think Maclean had something to do with Alfie’s departure, yes me and I’m not crazy. Actually, I am but that has nothing to do with it.

The Leafs and Blue Jackets decided to get on hot streaks when we needed it the most of course and even though are record has been great the past 10 games or so, we need every game to get us at least a point if not two. That’s obviously not possible but if the team tries for it every game, there’s still hope.

I’m not the best when I’m angry and today was just terrible, Sens you need to make this right and win the game. Don’t let Bishop win this battle as his name still causes me unexplained anxiety. Get it done, stay on a roll and get the damn two points.

Go Sens Go!

Losing Hope


It’s too early to start writing these Sens off but I’m getting back to that itchy feeling of absolute dread that the Sens will collapse. Tonight the Sens play one of the teams that they need to crush and grab these two points. This is a regulation win, it has to happen. With the Leafs winning 5 in a row, it seems the gap has gotten so large to fill anytime soon unless the Sens go back to their winning ways soon. It really is unfair to start panicking like that when it’s only been one regulation loss but the battle in the East and this wildcard BS is driving me nuts. On the bright side, the Red Wings suck!

I don’t know what it is but the Melnyk thing is just getting out of hand, how dare he make such a mockery of my team?! What is this investigation that he won’t let go off? Karlsson is fine and the league is not going back to punish Cooke. Why waste such needed money on something so stupid and what does he expect to get out of it? I am sick and tired of this guy running this team like a clown, put some money into the team instead of fulfilling some personal revenges that will lead to nowhere. Isn’t it bad enough that you cost us Alfie?!

I want to trust Andy and I fully support him but it comes to the point where the team needs Lehner to be in net. I get that Lehner has to be patient and earn his way to a starting job but at the same time Andy has no right to be in nets after the last couple of games. It just makes as much sense as Jared Cowen continuing to get ice time at crucial times.

Tonight may end up being the beginning of getting some grounds or maybe the beginning of the end of a battle that was too hard to climb in the first place. Hoping Ovechkin doesn’t make it to the game and with Methot out, we could use the extra bodies out of the Capitals’s lineup.

Go Sens Go!

The Whiny Bunch


It is no secret that I detest playing the Habs and for good reason; they won’t stop whining about everything. Tonight, the Sens can make the playoff race very interesting while gaining two points, they would also be getting Montreal closer to the pack and of course with the Leafs winning we MUST win tonight.

Anderson is back in net, and while I usually don’t approve of sitting a goalie after a shutout; Andy needs to continue his streak. Lehner will get his time and it will come soon. Speaking of Swedes, why the hell is Brennan trying to piss off Karlsson? Why is his personal life a discussion? Why is him not talking to the media a big story? It’s the same questions over and over again with the same cliche answers so why are we still so interested?

This post is so last minute because I’m busy preparing for my mom’s surprise birthday so please Sens don’t ruin this for me. I really haven’t been myself lately and the only time I am truly enjoying my time is during Sens games. We don’t want these whiny Habs putting our playoff hopes in jeopardy, we need to storm through the rest of this season.

Go Sens Go!

A Battle Like No Other


Heyyy, I had just forgotten about the existence of Dany Douchebag until a coworker mentioned that the Sens are playing against his team tonight. Seriously, it’s amazing how he doesn’t even bother me anymore not even one bit. It helps that he has lost much significance in the league and the fact that we just went through a tougher pain with the departure of Alfie. What doesn’t help is that where the hell did these Columbus Blue Jackets come from and why are they are standing in our way of a playoff spot. Seriously, the Sens take a few days off and then everyone decides to go ahead and grab two points.

It’s been a surprisingly pleasant road trip and a much needed one as well. The Sens cannot afford to lose any points right now and it seems like I mention it in every post but the Sens will stay in this position until the end of the season. I really doubt they’ll find themselves in any comfortable position in the near future. That being said, it seems the team is finally back to enjoying being on the ice, somehow they’ve found their interest in the game and maybe some motivation?

Tonight, Robin Lehner starts and it is no secret that I’m a huge fan of his. Andy has played extremely well lately but he deserves a break as much as Lehner deserves a chance to prove himself. At this point, I truly believe that the team just needs to stick to the way they’ve been playing and it won’t matter which goalie is in net.

It’s a latish start tonight which should make for a fun Tuesday evening on twitter. It’s been a good few games lately so please Sens don’t screw this up now. The Minnesota Wild are home to the league’s sleaziest players such as Heatley, Cooke and Parise and you’d be doing the entire league a favour if you could give them a good a$$ kicking loss.

Go Sens Go!

A Musical Victory


In the city of music, the Sens will want to serenade those Predators with the sound of all the mups they’re going to light. With the Leafs losing 4 in a row, the Sens have a chance to surpass them tonight and get the opportunity to get closer to a playoff spot. With all the opportunities that the Sens are being handed it would be a shame to settle for anything less than the two points tonight.

There is no room for mistakes right now, the competition isn’t only Leafs or Wings anymore. There are the Devils, the Jackets, the Flyers and more teams who will rise up above us if the Sens go back to old habits. The Preds are a tough task and with their D and goaltending they will not be handing the Sens any freebies. It will also be interesting to watch Karlsson vs Weber and maybe finally the doubters will be proven that Karlsson is the smarter and better defenseman ( PS I am a huge fan of Weber and this is in no way a knock on him or his talent). 

After the loss in Colorado, of course the anti-Spezza comments made an appearance. You would think that a team that has already lost guys like Hossa, Havlat, Heatley, Alfie and a few more big names would want to appreciate a guy who most other teams would give up a fortune for him. I really don’t understand the people who want him traded, why? How has he hurt the team? Yes, I will admit he has not been playing to his standards but it’s hard to play consistently well when you have new rookie teammates every other day and maybe the Sens made a mistake putting him in the lineup when he was clearly not 100% healthy? Either way, show some patience Sens fans, this is not the time to give up on our Captain, I think no player has take the abuse that he has and yet so far he’s been holding his ground pretty well.

There was no reason for us not to get the two points in Colorado, that was an absolute brain cramp from the entire team which makes tonight a must win. The competition is getting tougher and the points are starting to get harder to grab. This team has the talent and all they need is the motivation and hard work, and maybe less of Jared Cowen ;) .

Go Sens Go!

The Return of the Giggles


Tonight’s game is terrifying on so many levels especially for me; my Captain is back! While I’m glad Spezza is back, it terrifies me to think what would happen if the Sens lose tonight. Imagine all the calls coming in the Team 1200 post game show, imagine all the twitter experts calling for his head and then Dreger with all his rumours again. Add to that the pressure of being able to surpass the Leafs tonight for a playoff spot and giving me more hope that this team still has a chance.

The opponent tonight is not easy, not even close from coach to Captain to star player they are just a tough team to face. The last thing the Sens needed to face were the Colorado Avalanche led by Patrick Roy and latest Olympic additions Duchene and Landeskog. I have this sickening feeling that if the Sens lose one game they’ll go back to their never ending losing streaks before getting a chance to sniff that final playoff spot again. The upcoming road trip won’t be easy but it isn’t death row either and if the Sens can continue their recent surge then maybe they can learn to lose and get back up again.

The other player I’m excited and concerned for is Andy who is finding some consistency back in his game but it may still be fragile. Facing a former team is never an easy task especially with the way things reportedly ended in Colorado, I really hope the Sens work hard for him and get the win. After all, he’s done his fair share of bailing them out ever since he arrived here. 

The late start is working out great for me as I have to stay up late to follow up my Dad’s flight anyways and it also minimizes any knee jerk post game reactions as hopefully all the idiots go to bed early ;) . Nothing feels as good as a late night win, especially a win that will put us ahead of our worst enemies. With Spezza back, I hope the Sens show an even stronger outing and prove to everyone that the past 4 games have not been flukes and that Spezza is a great addition to the team not a liability. Don’t waste this chance, there just isn’t any more time for more mistakes.

Go Sens Go!

An Upward Battle


So another last minute post because this time Chris Phillips had me entertained with some fantastic pizza and great food. Ok, it wasn’t actually Chris Phillips but if you live in Ottawa and you have’t tried Big Rig yet then you’re missing out. Anyways, back to the Sens who play against the whiny and annoying Habs tonight to try and extend their winning streak to 4 wins. I can’t say I’m not nervous because at the end of the day the Habs are the better team in this match up but if the past few games have shown anything, it’s that the Sens seem to be playing a much better structured game and maybe they finally found their motivation?

Spezza is still out and to be honest if the Sens keep playing this way then maybe he should stay out until he is 100% healthy because honestly it seems he has not played any games with full health this season. In the time being, Turris and Zibanejad have been doing a fantastic job and they are arguably becoming the most entertaining players on the team especially watching them live and especially Zibanejad.

The one area that remains to be a concern to be is the power play and maybe that’s where Spezza will be missed the most if his absence is prolonged. Other than that, I hope Andy can keep playing as consistently as he has been but with no goals off the back this time please. 

Today Team Canada got eliminated from a chance for the Gold medal and I can’t really say that I’m heartbroken as they say a team can’t win the Juniors and Olympics in one year and I certainly think that Olympic gold is more valuable. So while Canada battles for bronze, here’s hoping Team Sweden pulls one final win and grabs that coveted gold medal.

After giving me the experience of a new year, I hope the Sens continue their surge with another entertaining win tonight. While the hope is still slim, it’s still possible and the Sens just need a few breaks and maybe we can start battling again. So for tonight, I want to see a hungry team and a team that will scare the hell out of their opponent. I want Price and Subban to look like fools and I want those two points!

Go Sens Go!